Bruxism Monitor

The Bruxism Monitor is a new generation of dental equipment with features designed to facilitate good dental care. It was designed from a clean slate drawing from decades of clinical engineering experience. The device is compact, lightweight and easy to use.  Its elegant design allows utilization in a variety of clinical environment.

Convincing technology...

  • Wireless Bluetooth® technology
  • Miniaturized technology
  • Thorax & Abdomen Respiratory Effort
  • Definitively report Central, Mixed and Complex Sleep Apnea
  • Integrated snore microphone and BPOS
  • LCD Screen
  • Check waveforms real time
  • 2 channels of EMG – Masseter and Hyoid (sub-mentalis) 

Bruxism Analysis and Reporting 

Autoscoring software was developed specifically to streamline the reporting process. A few clicks with the mouse and 2 powerful reports are generated giving the dentist the information to place all their patients on a safe and effective treatment track.