Bruxism Monitor
“Two functions in One”

Overnight Sleep Test-
     Easy hook-up, comfort at home
Diagnosis of Bruxism-
    Measures clenches, grinds, total energy using EMG
    Early detection of Bruxism for the preventative dentist
Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea (OSA)-
   Can be sent to physician for OSA diagnosis


The BRX Pro
“Three functions in One”

Brux Guard-
    Protects teeth from contacting each other
Floating posterior teeth-
   Recognized by Dentists to reduce mandibular activity
Positions the mandible-
   Minimizes risk of causing Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Chairside solution for Bruxism & TMD
   Reimbursement codes from Dental Insurance



“Four functions in One”

Comprehensive Bruxism Analysis-
   Analysis reports for diagnosis by Dentist
   Guidance to Dentist for presence of OSA
Access to Licensed Sleep Physicians-
    Necessary data for proper OSA diagnosis by Physician
Clinical Support-
   Registered polysomnographer for consultation
Technical Support & Consumables Ordering-
  Available to support dental office staff